Published by Lisa Karakaya on 17 Mar 2017

FPSA Meeting Minutes March 17, 2017 – Draft

In attendance: Sarah Yahyaoui, Oliver Hennet, Alicen Weida (chair), Itziar de Miguel, Lisa Karakaya (secretary)

Minutes from last meeting approved

Discussion of upcoming dates for events at the GC and the French department:

April 10: 6 p.m. CUNY Clear Know Your Rights seminar
April 26 – 5-8 p.m. bystander training workshop
May 4, Thursday, 6:30 p.m. publishing roundtable, for department students
Friday May 19 2-4 p.m. teaching roundtable, for department students

International students issues:
Difficulties for international students, especially when traveling, and returning to the U.S. Sarah Yahyoui would like to see a point person at the GC for international students who may be detained while traveling, at airports, etc. At the least they need a clear procedure set in place so they know what to do and who to call if detained. International student office held a “know your rights” discussion this week, but there should be more organization with this, and a clear procedure.

Racial justice/BLM issues at CUNY and around the city:
Oliver says that Black Lives Matter reading group meetings at the GC are going very well; they will hold some movie screenings that will be open to everyone. BLM meetings are now closed, but Oliver has syllabi that anyone can adapt.

Standing up for Racial Justice (SRJ); organization that teaches white people how to be allies of PoC and organizes to attend/support BLM protests and events.

LGBT issues:
Gender-neutral bathrooms: no progress. Both Alicen and Oliver are on trans bathroom committee. Olivier: changing ID problems at GC. No trans coalition for ID, no bathrooms. There’s a need for a trans advocacy committee/point person.

Free CUNY organization:
Sarah says that the group FREE CUNY is trying to get a petition to force a referendum on tuition-free CUNY. They need 45,000 signatures. Sarah will send petition to small group. The group meets every Sunday 4-6 p.m. at Hunter.

DSC report:
Sarah stood in for Amy at the last meeting. Outreach (branch of DSC) was there reporting about Muslim ban and proposing workshops. Sarah: we need a process. Clear procedure to follow for all international students: someone to call and a document as well. Students should know what you have to have when you travel abroad. Sarah will write to Outreach and cc the international office, the provost, etc. Itziar: will email the head of the international students office.

Library has received special funding from city. Can only go towards computers or building stuff; not towards staffing.

The DSC has created a student life website, health website: own list of doctors, recommendations, etc. Go on DSC website (student life and services on DSC website)

$6,500 left for events (in DSC rooms – have to use non-Commons food though).

Executive Committee report:
Alicen reports that on the ad for the new professor we are hiring: we are seeking francophone literature professor, someone who can teach in French and in English.

Sarah: talked to Prof. Sautman about the exam and the new procedure in the handbook. Instead of four, you do one that is comparative/general literature approach. No procedure for that exam yet – they haven’t given it yet. So this is to be discussed at next Executive Committee meeting.

Grad Council report:

New York State budget is still being negotiated. “Excelsior” plan – Cuomo wants CUNY to be free for students below a certain income level: the state needs to give the city money.

Student conference updates:
Olivier, Itziar, Sarah need to send out to-do list for volunteers. Printing the badges. Everything else is taken care of.

Problem with buzzing fluorescent lights in thesis room. Sarah is waiting to hear back from Sautman, who has contacted the maintenance department.

Next FPSA meeting will be held at 1-2 p.m. on May 19.

Published by Lisa Karakaya on 12 Feb 2017

FPSA Meeting Minutes Feb. 10, 2017 – Approved


In attendance: Amy Martin, Sarah Yahyaoui, Oliver Hennet*, Alicen Weida (chair), Itziar de Miguel, Lisa Karakaya (secretary)

Meeting commences about 3:10 p.m. Minutes from last meeting unanimously approved

Name change difficulties at the GC. it can be easily done at Hunter, but at GC there is disorganization about how to get it done and no one office or person seems to be in charge of handling the issue; there is no set policy. Amy advises to go to the VP of Student Affairs, Matt Schoengood. A policy should be set in place.

Upstander/bystander workshop:
There is a self-defense/bystander workshop scheduled that the Futures Initiative at the GC will put on through the Center for Anti-Violence Education. Lisa will follow up to find out where and when and advertise to the French listserv.

Black Lives Matter reading group:
Oliver discusses a BLM reading group based on syllabus from professor at NYU. They will be meeting biweekly, 6-8 p.m. Sundays at the GC. Oliver has been coordinating with them to provide space at the GC.

Legal observer training:
Oliver will be working with a group to put this on at the GC. Discussion of whether donations can be taken at the door to help defray costs.

Know Your Rights CUNY CLEAR seminar:
Sarah says that a Know Your Rights seminar has been advertised somewhere. Lisa will follow up, see if she can find it, and advertise to French listserv.

Urban Ed parties and noise issues during our final exams:
Sarah reports that Przybos has spoken to them about this and we won’t have any more issues with it.

Sarah suggests that we invite the Urban Ed department to our conference and also to a potluck to get to know them. Sarah will e-mail Christine to find out who their student group is and we will coordinate with them to put on the potluck with them. Lisa emphasizes that we should build solidarity with them.

Trans bathroom committee:
There are now signs on the outside of all the bathrooms at the GC (rather than on the inside as was previously the case). There will be a Feb. 17 meeting of the trans-bathroom committee, and Oliver and Alicen will attend.

Getting home safely on the subway
We should be sticking with each other to get home safely – discussion ensues of how to coordinate this. Should there be a point person? DSC should discuss this; we need a wider group than just the French department to coordinate.

International politics and the risks to students in this political climate, especially those worried about Muslim travel bans and the unpredictable policies of Tiny Hands. Itziar mentions this as a concern for the department.

Progress on conference and discussion of what needs to come next. Sarah reports that papers have been selected, they have DSC, Center for Humanities, and Henri Peyre funding. Next step: planning the schedule of the day and creating publicity and posters. Volunteers will be needed.

Publishing workshop will be an informal roundtable with Stève Puig and Sophie Marinez already contacted. Sarah makes the point that Québec conferences often publish.
Teaching workshop should be held at the end of the semester. Lisa will participate and will ask alumni and advanced students to participate.

Teaching concerns. Alicen will create dropbox for teaching resources, contact Mariana Goycoechea and Allison Faris to see if they have anything to add. There is a discussion of making French textbooks available in library. Patricia Winter is now the librarian; we will contact her to coordinate this.

Amy mentions that provost’s office is working on list of scholarships we can apply for after the fifth year, to write the dissertation. Amy will follow up on that. Provost will come to department on the 23rd of Feb. of 6 p.m. EO meeting will be on that date. There was another discussion of M.A. program and program is still trying to convince provost that program is unique to French program and is absolutely necessary; this is why the meeting with provost on the 23rd is so important.

No Grad Council or EO meeting since our last FPSA meeting.

DSC meeting report:
Amy reports that tuition remission for GC students past 5th year is being discussed; this would involve about a quarter of all students here. 1.2 million dollars; this is a very small percentage of the GC overall budget. Discussion of student fees; GC trying to charge fees for student events if they take place over two days or longer. DSC pushing back. Due to budget restrictions, only total of eight more legal consultations are now allowed for the fiscal year (ends June 30th). Referendum passed on nurse practitioner: now the DSC are going to pay slightly less than what we’re required to pay. GC is making up the difference.

Meeting concluded at about 4:15 p.m.

Lisa: will follow up with workshops and know your rights seminar, textbooks with Patricia
Sarah: will email Christine to ask about who we should contact for a potluck with Urban Ed
Amy and Alicen: will follow up with DSC with getting home safely logistics, with list of scholarships.
Oliver: will work on legal bystander and BLM meetings.
Alicen: will create teaching methods dropbox and ask Allison Faris and Mariana Goycoecha about the information that they have.

Next FPSA meeting will be March 17th.

*Previously Samara.

Published by Lisa Karakaya on 03 Feb 2017

FPSA Feb. 10 Proposed Meeting Agenda

Feb. 10 2017

• Upstander/defense/legal training meeting proposed for GC; CUNY CLEAR Know your Rights
• Problem of Urban Ed parties during finals – need to follow-up on this
• Problem of getting home safely and trans bathrooms – follow-up
• Conference discussion
• Workshops for spring: publishing workshop, teaching workshop
• Dissertation writing support

Published by Lisa Karakaya on 03 Feb 2017

FPSA Meeting Minutes December 16, 2016 – Approved

FPSA meeting minutes 12.16.16

Members in Attendance: Lisa Karakaya, Alicen Weida, Amy Martin, Samara Hennet, Rebecca Raitses, Sarah Yahyaoui, Claudine Jean-Baptiste, Natacha Pawa

Executive Committee report by Alicen Weida:
• Przybos meeting with new provost, who is aware that we need to make a hire. Provost need to hire diversity hire, and someone relatively young. Needs to be someone who can teach in another department. Hiring process will begin this spring.

• Professor Caws is retiring. Pryzbos wants to have a big retirement party, in the fall of 2017.

• Przybos needs to step down from EO for personal reasons – Sautman will fill in for the time being: calendar year 2017.

• Bettina and Sarah MacDougal are planning a 19th century symposium for end of spring semester.

• Masters’ in French translation that they want to implement. There was a presentation by department professors to the person in charge of the master’s programs at GC; she was not happy with the masters program, wonders why it isn’t part of MALS. However, we will keep pushing for it as that person had originally encouraged the idea.

Grad Council report by Rebecca Raitses

• Resolution against proposed “Freedom of Speech” policy. CUNY legal council wrote policy (reaction against Baruch protest). Grad Council resolution voted unanimously to reject this policy. Resolution: to designate the GC campus a sanctuary campus.

DSC Report by Amy Martin:

• Vote for the re-allocation for the student activities fees. Another DSC meeting today.
• Resolution on academic integrity in the aftermath of the 2016 Presidential Elections, to be voted on today. Final resolution (not to offer space to the administration). French program students express support for the resolutions of the DSC.

General discussion:

• Workshop ideas: Lisa discusses workshop on publishing in spring. Sarah suggests that we give a workshop on how to make writing more “sellable.” (more anchored in the world). Like grant workshops: Amy: a collaborative effort as we are searching for grants ourselves. Sarah: we can take the knowledge of the people that are here still, work on transferring the information. Funding. Put in one place. Google drive. Discussion of teaching workshop in spring. Dropbox for shared ideas about teaching.

• Progress on our student conference: Organizers have finished the proposal; assembling information. Working on having all the working documents in one place. CFP will be sent today (16th of Dec). Due date: 1st of February. Send an email to a second possibility for a keynote: Professor Kyoto Lee. (at GC). Funding: Sarah planning to work on proposals. Need keynote speaker first.

• Solidarity/strategizing going forward in the spring semester: biweekly meetings going forward. Sarah: we should have a space to discuss politics here. More sporadic meetings going forward. A space for feeding ideas. Samara: will be planning events that will be free and open to the public. Legal observers/bystander/defense training: can we get funding for this? Amy: Grants, DSC works available.

• Trans bathrooms: Alicen is on ad hoc committee for trans folks’ bathroom. Urgent problem. Money is tight for renovating bathrooms. Committee will get in touch with new provost. Problem with signs on the inside of bathrooms rather than outside where they can be seen.

• Natacha: concerns about GC onsite daycare: too expensive. Discussion of space for daycare, mothers’ space

• Discussion about getting home safely, especially for LGBT community. Ask Simon – for google doc. Ideas for self-defense classes. Come up with a list of safety tips in these times: send out to the list serv. Ideas for list serv. Google doc.

• Sarah brings up issue of Urban Ed parties during finals. Przybos met with Urban Ed EO. Settled for now – has to be respected as communal space. Meet at the beginning of next semester: at FPSA meeting, we must plan for meeting with EO.

Discussion of FPSA chair: in spring semester, will be Alicen. secretary will be Lisa again. Might need to hold meetings/biweekly get-togethers on a different day other than Friday to accommodate everyone in the department.

Published by Lisa Karakaya on 04 Nov 2016

Upcoming FPSA Meeting November 11, 2016 – Agenda

FPSA meeting agenda

November 11, 2016

3:00 – 4:00 p.m., French thesis room

  • Discussion of student leadership this semester
    • Adi (Saiful Saleem), current chair of the FPSA, is on a leave of absence and we need to hold elections to replace him.
    • Liaison for new students for 2016-2017?
  • Discussion of upcoming French program conference
  • Reports from Executive Committee representatives
  • Ideas for upcoming events:
    • A workshop on how and where to publish?
    • A workshop on pedagogy in the spring for first-year students?


Published by Amy Martin on 03 Apr 2016

FPSA Officers 2016-2017

The FPSA officers for 2016-2017 will be:

Executive committee representatives: Saiful Saleem, Alicen Weida

  • Alternates: Allison Faris, Marguerite Van Cook

Chair, FPSA: Saiful Saleem

Graduate Council Rep (thru 2018): Alicen Weida

Secretary, FPSA: Lisa Karakaya

  • Alternate: none

Faculty Membership committee: Lisa Karakaya, Amy Martin

  • Alternates: Parfait Kouacou, Fréderick Baitinger

Admissions and Awards committee: Iziar de Miguel, Allison Faris

  • Alternates: Patricia Winter, Saiful Saleem

Curriculum and Exams committee: Fréderick Baitinger, Thomas Muzart

  • Alternates: Marguerite Van Cook, Allison Faris

Student Elections committee: Eric Benchemoun, Jasmine Narcisse, Patricia Winter

  • Alternates: Lisa Karakaya, Angélique Aristondo, Rebecca Raitses

Ad-hoc Alumni Relations committee: Patricia Winter, Lisa Lyulekina

  • Alternates: Simon Chartrand, Rebecca Raitses

Congratulations to our new representatives!

Published by Amy Martin on 27 Apr 2015

New Books in French Studies Podcasts


Your host, Roxanne Panchasi, is an Associate Professor in the Department of History at Simon Fraser University whose research and teaching focus on modern France. She lives and reads in Vancouver, Canada. If you would like to suggest a title for a New Books in French Studies interview, please send an email to:

Check out the list of interviews available here:

Published by Amy Martin on 21 Apr 2015


The editors of Irish Journal of French Studies are very pleased to announce that this peer-reviewed and newly electronic journal is now free to access from 2009 to 2012 (for tables of contents see, having implemented an Open Access policy subject to a 24-month paywall.

This means that all articles in the below issues are available for free download at

  • No. 12, 2012 — Thematic Issue: Trangression(s). Guest Edited by Paul Hegarty. General Editor: Patrick Crowley. Co-Editors: Gillian Jein, Maeve McCusker, Maria Scott.
  • No. 11, 2011 — General Editor: Patrick Crowley. Co-Editors: Maeve McCusker and Maria Scott.
  • No. 10, 2010 — Thematic Issue: Intellectuals and Public Opinion: A Transhistorical Perspective. Guest Editors, James Hanrahan & Mairéad Ní Bhriain. General Editor:  Patrick Crowley. Co-Editors: Maeve McCusker and Maria Scott.
  • No. 9, 2009 — Thematic Issue: Exploring Supermodernity: Marc Augé in Context(s). Guest Edited by Douglas Smith. General Editor: Johnnie Gratton. Co-Editors: Philip Dine, Douglas Smith and Jacinta Wright.

Published by Amy Martin on 19 Apr 2015

FPSA Officers 2015-2016

The FPSA officers for 2015-2016 will be:

Executive committee representatives: Thomas Muzart, Angélique Aristondo

  • Alternates: Saiful Saleem, Chris Brandon

Chair, FPSA: Thomas Muzart

Graduate Council Rep (thru 2016): Allison Faris

Secretary, FPSA: Amy Martin

  • Alternate: Parfait Kouacou

Faculty Membership committee: Chris Brandon, Frederick Baitinger

  • Alternates: Jasmine Narcisse, Lisa Karakaya

Admissions and Awards committee: Thomas Muzart, Lisa Karakaya

  • Alternates: Allison Faris, Marguerite Van Cook

Curriculum and Exams committee: Chris Brandon, Chris Clarke

  • Alternates: Frederick Baitinger, Saiful Saleem

Student Elections committee: Thomas Muzart, Eric Lynch, Angélique Aristondo

  • Alternates: Allison Faris (currently serving as Eric’s alternate), Marguerite Van Cook

Ad-hoc Alumni Relations committee: Eric Lynch, Saiful Saleem

  • Alternates: Allison Faris, Mariana Goycoechea

Congratulations to our new representatives!

Published by Amy Martin on 27 Mar 2014

The Results Are In!

The FPSA officers for 2014-2015 will be:

Executive committee representatives: Thomas Muzart, Allison Faris

  • Alternates: Parfait Kouacou, Marguerite Van Cook

Chair, FPSA: Thomas Muzart

Graduate Council Rep: Phillip Griffith (2014-2017, 2-year term)

Secretary, FPSA: Amy Martin

Faculty Membership committee: Chris Brandon, Ashley Williard

  • Alternates: Mariana Goycoechea, Patricia Winter

Admissions and Awards committee: Phillip Griffith, Eric Lynch

  • Alternates: Lisa Karakaya, Marguerite Van Cook

Curriculum committee: Chris Brandon, Eric Lynch

  • Alternates: Frederic Baitinger, Amy Martin

Student Elections committee: Frederic Baitinger, Amy Martin, Antoinette Williams-Tutt

FPSA Alumni Relations ad-hoc committee: Amy Martin, Antoinette Williams-Tutt

Congratulations to our new representatives!

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