FPSA Constitution & Bylaws:

FPSA Constitution

FPSA Bylaws-Revised 2 May 2014

FPSA Bylaws (approved 3 May 3013)


FPSA Representatives:





Upcoming FPSA Agenda:

An agenda for our next meeting will be poste at least one week in advance of the meeting.

Stay tuned!


FPSA Minutes:

Minutes 11 Nov 2016–draft

Minutes 20 May 2016–draft

Minutes 26 February 2016–Approved

Minutes 6 November 2015–Approved

Minutes 21 September–Approved

Minutes 27 April–Approved

Minutes 5 March 2015–Approved

Minutes 8 Dec 2014–Approved

Minutes 27 Oct 2014–Approved

Minutes 12 Sept 2014–Approved

Minutes 2 May 2014–Approved

Minutes 3 March 2014Approved

Minutes 11 Dec 2013–Approved

Minutes 25 Oct 2013–Approved

Minutes 27 Sept 2013–Approved

Minutes 3 May 2013–Approved

Minutes 15 Mar 2013–Approved

Minutes 30 Nov 2012–Approved


DSC News & Announcements:

Resolution Endorsing a Strike 03.18.2016 [passed]

Resolution in Support of Student Protests in India against the Militant Suppression of Intellectual Freedom and Dissent by the BJP Government 02.19.2016 [passed]

Resolution Condemning NYPD Undercover Intelligence Gathering and Surveillance Activities on and off CUNY Campuses against CUNY Muslim Student Organizations and Students 12.20.2015 [passed]

Resolution Against Tuition Increase 10.23.2015 [passed]

Resolution on Police Violence and CUNYs Relationship with the NYPD 03.20.2015 [endorsed by FPSA; not passed]

Resolution in Solidarity with the Students of Mexico 12.12.2014 [passed]

Resolution Calling for $7000 Minimum Starting Salary for CUNY Adjuncts 12.12.2014 [passed]

Resolution for the Endorsement of Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions and the Divestment from Israeli Companies 10.24.2014 [not passed]

Resolution in Support of Equitable NYSHIP MHSA Insurance Coverage 9.12.2014 [passed]

Resolution on Extending Library Loan Period 11.22.2013 [passed]